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Tango Asian Cars Software Package MKON55
Tango Asian Cars Software Package
Tango Asian Cars Software Package

Tango Asian Cars Software Package

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$2,323.15 (€2,207.00)
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Product Code: MKON55
Categories Software Activation
Manufacturer scorpio-lk
In StockIn Stock Digital ProductDigital Product
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SCORPIO-LK

Note: If you bought Tango Device from us, you can contact us to discount the price of Toyota Key Maker from this package, because it's already activated with our devices.

Includes the following software:

Toyota key maker
Isuzu key maker
Daihatsu key maker
Suzuki key maker
Nissan key maker
Reset of Toyota/Lexus/Subaru Smart Keys 40,80,128 bit
SLK-02 maker
SLK-03 maker
SLK-04 maker
SLK-05 maker
SLK-06 maker
Toyota Image Generator G-KeysPage1 36,56,96,37,57
Toyota+: OBD Reset European cars based on G-immoboxes
Toyota Dump Editor – Synchro Engine ECU, Smartkey ECU, ID Code Box, Steering Lock ECU
Daihatsu Image Generator G-Keys
Toyota Image Generator H-Keys: Page1 39, 59, 5A, 99, 3A, 7A
Toyota Prius 2018+
Toyota CHR 2018+

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