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Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool Mercedes Benz Key Programmer with FREE Mini Key Tool Device FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING

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$1,099.00 (approx. EUR €989.10)
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Product Code: MKON39 Manufacturer: Xhorse Categories: Key Programming Tools In Stock Free Worldwide Shipping On Sale
Product Specifications
Manufacturer Xhorse
Condition New


User Manual

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL Functions BE key,read password and prepare new key via IR.
2.NEC V051,V057 support on board get password 
3.All NEC keys support on board write and erase 
4.password calculate:support BGA keys,NEC keys(include 51,57version)etc.,work fast. renew EIS and ELV write EIS and ELV online generate key file
8.unlock ELV function will be released soon.
9.Renew other control modules function will support soon


VVDI Mini Key Tool:

Xhorse VVDI MINI Key Tool VVDI Key Tester Works with IOS/Android EU/NA/SE/GL Version


Top 6 Reasons to Get MINI Key Tool
1. We will send GL global version,it has proxy data, and fully replace NA/EU/SE before, and customer who bought old version, update to newest firmware via xhorse update kit software is OK,it will turn out to be GL.
2.Newest Firmware Version:V1.1.6
Xhorse APP Version:1.7.4
3.Starts and runs very fast: (20 seconds to test frequency)
4. Smaller, lighter and portable.
5.Free with ID48 96bit function,Toyota H transponder generation.
6.Xhorse APP Language:English,Spanish,French,Thai,Polish,Italian,Portuguese,Hindi,Hebrew,Korean,Indonesian,Chinese
7.Support renew key function now,but you need have programming cable.

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