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    Autel CAN FD Adapter Compatible with Autel VCI MK1349
    Autel Toyota 8A Cable Original For Toyota MK7522
    CGDI CGMB and BMW OBDII 16PIN main Cable for BMW MK7325
    MAGIC FLK11A Kit ECU Connector VAG/MDG1/EDC17/PCR MK7819
    MAGIC FLX 2.17 Connection cable: MB Bosch MDG1 MK7815
    Autovei DC2-VCM2 ISP5 cable MK1388

    Autovei DC2-VCM2 ISP5 cable

    In Stock
    $100.00 €95.00
    Autovei DC2-EIS-ISP3 cable MK1386

    Autovei DC2-EIS-ISP3 cable

    In Stock
    $100.00 €95.00
    Autovei DC2-EIS cable MK1385

    Autovei DC2-EIS cable

    In Stock
    $120.00 €114.00
    Autovei DC2-GS2 ISP6 cable MK1384

    Autovei DC2-GS2 ISP6 cable

    In Stock
    $100.00 €95.00
    Autovei DC2-GS2 cable 2m MK1383

    Autovei DC2-GS2 cable 2m

    In Stock
    $375.00 €356.25
    Autovei DC2-TCM cable 2m MK1381

    Autovei DC2-TCM cable 2m

    In Stock
    $350.00 €332.50
    Autovei DC2-MCM+ACM 2m cable MK1380

    Autovei DC2-MCM+ACM 2m cable

    In Stock
    $350.00 €332.50
    Autovei DC2U-ISP7 cable MK1379

    Autovei DC2U-ISP7 cable

    In Stock
    $75.00 €71.25
    Autovei DC2U-CPC3 cable MK1377

    Autovei DC2U-CPC3 cable

    In Stock
    $475.00 €451.25
    Autovei DC2-PLD cable 1.5m MK1376

    Autovei DC2-PLD cable 1.5m

    In Stock
    $190.00 €180.50
    Autovei DC2-EHZ cable MK1375

    Autovei DC2-EHZ cable

    In Stock
    $125.00 €118.75
    AutoVEI DC2-FR+CPC+CPC4 cable MK1373

    AutoVEI DC2-FR+CPC+CPC4 cable

    In Stock
    $120.00 €114.00
    Autoshop XADV adn Forza 750, 2021 cable MK1350

    Autoshop XADV adn Forza 750, 2021 cable

    In Stock
    $20.00 €19.00


    Our Customers Our Partners

    since we are aiming our customers 100% satisfaction, we at emirates keys decided to provide our valuable customers with all kinds of requiered cables they might need for their work.

    What we Have?

    starting from the MAGIC FLK cable through AutoEVI ending with Xhorse Calbles, we tried to enlarge our cables collection as much as we could to fully support our locksmiths and to provide them with the tools they need to satisfy their cusatomers as well.

    we offer our presales support for any request you might need before purchasing your products, just contact us at: and our presales engineers will be ready to provide you with all your requested details.

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