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    Fortin EVO‐ONE Remote Starter Engine And Gift ( GSM - GPRS - GPS - Tracker ) MKON355
    Connector For Keyless Entry System ESW309C-A MK23219
    Connector For Keyless Entry System ESW312-C MK23218
    Connector For Keyless Entry System ESW312-B MK23217
    Connector For Keyless Entry System ESW312-A MK23216

    Keyless Entry & Engine Start Systems

    What is Keyless Entry System?

    Keyless entry systems are used to provide the car owner with the ability to lock, unlock the car door, and to Start, Stop the engine as well.

    This system essentially depends on the RF modules and transceivers (Transmitters and Receivers), which are used in the transmitting and receiving circuits.

    The communication between circuits is coded and encrypted.

    How does Keyless Entry System work?

    Keyless entry systems work using radio signals that are emitted from the car and a key fob that searches for those signals. When you try to open the door handle of the car, the car will send a short-range radio signal. If the key fob is within range of the car's waves, almost 5 M, the key fob will send its signal back to the car and the computer will unlock the doors.

    What we have and how we support you

    We at Emirates Keys, can provide our locksmiths with the latest keyless entry systems, which are compatible with most care brands and models.

    Just contact our presales team at:, and our presales engineers will be happy to assist you selecting the compatible key less system for your own car.

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