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Barracuda Programmer:

Barracuda programmer is a new platform which is intended to complement Tango programmer that can be used to release solid solutions for locksmiths and users working in the sphere of automotive repairs and vehicles maintenance.

Programming Requirements:

Barracuda Programmer
Barracuda Adapter H Immo 3
Barracuda Activation H Immo
Tango Programmer
Lkp-04 Transponder Chip
Tango Toyota Maker
Tango Toyota Image Generator H

How to install Bararacuda Software:

1 - Open our Website:, go to Downloads section – Choose Barracuda
2- Download Both Barracuda install V02 & Barracuda Driver
3- Extract the Winrar files on your PC and Run the Setup file to install Barracuda
4- Connect Barracuda to your PC with USB cable and make sure the power cable is aslo, connected to Barracuda (12V).
5- Extract the Driver Winrar File.
6- Right Click on PC icon (My PC), click on Manage, choose Device Manager you will see a device Called Barracuda in that section.
7- Right click on the device and update.
8- Choose Barracuda driver file and wait until the PC install and recognize the dirvers for Barracuda device.
9- Run Barracuda as Adminstrator and click on update and wait until it ok.
10- Barracuda software installed on the PC. (Done)



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