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Scorpio Barracuda Key Programmer And Renew Basic Device FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING
Scorpio Barracuda Key Programmer And Renew Basic Device FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING

Scorpio Barracuda Key Programmer And Renew Basic Device FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING

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$999.00 (approx. EUR €849.15)
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Product Code: MK9909 Manufacturer: scorpio-lk Categories: Key Programming Tools In Stock Free Express Shipping New Product
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SCORPIO-LK
Color Red
Condition New

Device Features (V1.03)



Several years ago we have decided that we need a new type of hardware that will allow us

to pursue functions, which are either impossible or will be very difficult to achieve with our

current lineup of programmers. After many iterations, we are finally content with the

hardware and the potential it gives us.


Scorpio-LK's Barracuda programmer is a new platform which is intended to complement

Tango programmer in our pursuit to release solid  solutions for locksmiths and users

working in the sphere of automotive repairs and vehicles maintenance.

Barracuda will not replace Tango or Orange-5, functions previously released on these

programmers won't beimplemented in Barracuda.


The first branch of Barracuda programmer features which will be available at release and 

be included in the base software is Reset/Renewal of used HITAG based vehicle keys.

List of supported types can be found in Barracuda Features.

Every reset function released in Barracuda programmer is independently developed, 

tested and digitally signed by us.


Similar to Tango, Barracuda is a long-term project. We have already started developing and

implementing new functions which will be released through the upcoming Barracuda online

updates. New functions will be modular, some of them will be included in the base software,

others will require additional activation.


Barracuda base version (at release):


  1. Barracuda base hardware


  1. Barracuda base software


  1. Barracuda database HITAG reset module 1


  1. Barracuda Lead PCF 1 (in-circuit, soldering tips)


  1. Barracuda Lead PCF 2 (in-circuit, 2xCrocodile clips & 2xProbe needles)


  1. Adapter PCF (in-circuit & expansion)


  1. Adapter PCF 7941 (for soldering)


  1. Adapter PCF 7945AC (for soldering)


  1. Adapter PCF 7952 (for soldering)


  1. Adapter PCF 7953/45 (for soldering)


  1. Adapter PCF 7953 38pin (for soldering)


  1. Adapter PCF 7961 (for soldering)


Barracuda requirements:


Windows XP/7/8/10 32&64bit PC or Laptop

USB 2.0/3.0 port


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