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    GODIAG professional testing and maintenance tools, established in Shenzhen China, feature in providing DIYers and auto mechanics with cost-effective diagnostic tools, key programmers and mileage correction tools, also the OBDII ECU connector for the technicians.

    Manufacturing expertise, and technological innovation to offer a broad portfolio including GODIAG Auto Tools, GODIAG OBD2 Key Programmer, GODIAG OBD2 Mileage Tool for the benefits of our customers. And we will continue to develop more series of OBDII Tools which is high quality and easy to use.

    At present GODIAG team release the hand-held tools with one-single car software and one-single performance, which are easy to use and help user save money on paying the unnecessary car software.
    The future will make differences, because Godiag have the leading R&D(Research and Development) team and will extend more and more product lines to meet the users' need.

    We have made a special commitment to invest in long-term strategies that drive our own growth:

    • Expanding solution and service offerings to enhance customer value;
    • Meeting the needs of our key customers to help them grow;
    • Strengthening our presence at big retailers;
    • Establishing and growing our presence in emerging market.

    Also, we have established the best engineering resources of the industry that allow us to bring new products and technologies to the market much faster than our competitors. With the agility of a small business, we have proved throughout our experience that we can build the future on the foundation of continuous innovation, intimate knowledge of our customers' challenges and successes, and the best technical minds in the industry.

    GODIAG Mission

    We strive to innovate, change and lead the automotive diagnostic industry - while always making sure that we're focused on delighting customers by meeting, and even exceeding, their needs and expectations.

    GODIAG Values

    Our values are deeply rooted within the company and find their expressions in everything we do.

    GODIAG Customers

    Listening to our customers is the key to deliver truly innovative products and solutions that make us standout, and gaincustomer respect and royalty.

    GODIAG Innovation

    It is innovation that drives our success. And we are dedicated more than others to developing game-changing products and technologies.

    GODIAG Excellence

    We are driven by an uncompromising passion for excellence to develop the best products and services in the market.

    GODIAG Agility

    We are forward-looking and move faster than competitors and thereby obtain long-term success.

    GODIAG Employees

    We create a culture of dignity for all. Every individual is encouraged to excel and awarded based on performance.

    GODIAG Integrity

    Integrity is the cornerstone of our business operation. We are open, honest and respectful in our dealings.

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