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    New Arrival
    Mercedes FBS 4 Original Remote Key 3 Button 433MHz Non Proximity MK2675
    New Arrival
    Kia Sonet 2021 Orginal Flip Remote 3 Button 433MHz 95430-CC300 MK4639
    New Arrival
    Nissan 2022 Original Smart Remote Key 2 Buttons 433MHz 285E3-6VA0B MK1270
    New Arrival
    Kia Sonet 2021 Orginal Smart Remote 4 Button 433MHz 95440-CC400 MK4637

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    What we Provide

    We at emirates keys can offer you a wide range of hard to find, selected, tested and guaranteed used car remote keys for your vehicle.

    Customers Satisfaction First

    Since we always seek a 100% customer satisfaction, we keep concentrating on our sources and always deal with selected and guaranteed sources for our remotes.

    On the other hand, we provide full range of Car remotes, Keyless Entry Remotes, Remote Key Fob and Remote Starter Controls, for any kind and model of cars.

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