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    AVDI  - Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics Interface Device MKON184
    Abrites AVDI ZN002 PROTAG Programmer MK15839

    Abrites AVDI ZN002 PROTAG Programmer

    In Stock
    $430.10 €400.00
    Abrites ZN051 Distribution Box MK15857

    Abrites ZN051 Distribution Box

    In Stock
    $215.05 €200.00
    New Arrival
    Abrites VN021 - MQB Immo Data Extraction From RH850 Dump MK18155
    New Arrival
    Abrites CB013 - ECU Bench Connection Cable Set MK18060
    Abrites - Software Update From TN012 To TN015 MK17768
    Abrites - Software Update From TN011 To TN014 MK17767
    Abrites KP002 – JLR AKL TOOL MK12317

    Abrites KP002 – JLR AKL TOOL

    In Stock
    $537.63 €500.00
    Abrites FN023 - Vehicle Module Synchronization MK12318

    Abrites FN023 - Vehicle Module Synchronization

    In Stock
    $2,150.53 €2,000.00
    Abrites ZN080 - BCM2 Solder-Free Connection Set MK12610
    Abrites ZN034 Abprog FLAT Cable MK12562

    Abrites ZN034 Abprog FLAT Cable

    In Stock
    $5.37 €5.00
    Abrites ZN075 - IR Adapter for Mercedes Actros MK14296
    Abrites MODI Mobile Diagnostics MK16393

    Abrites MODI Mobile Diagnostics

    In Stock
    $106.45 €99.00
    Abrites CB021 - Renault-Nissan Jumper Cable MK13012
    Abrites CB015 BMW ENet Cable MK13011

    Abrites CB015 BMW ENet Cable

    In Stock
    $21.50 €20.00
    Abrites CB022 - Mercedes Actros Jumper Cable MK13185
    Abrites CB104 - USB A-B Cable MK13184

    Abrites CB104 - USB A-B Cable

    In Stock
    $5.37 €5.00
    Abrites ON00F - GM Full Package Special Functions MK13211
    Abrites Fn00f FCA Full Package Special Functions MK13209

    Abrites Fn00f FCA Full Package Special Functions

    In Stock
    $4,946.23 €4,600.00
    Abrites - JL00F - JLR Full Package Special Functions MK13214


    Abrites LTD

    Abrites is the leading company in the world of aftermarket diagnostic
    equipment for the automotive industry.

    Abrites well-known for:

    • Key programming
    • Module adaptation
    • ECU programming
    • Coding and flashing

    Abrites Ltd. is an innovative company for proprietary automotive software and hardware. Our experience
    in the aftermarket industry spans over 16 years.

    The Abrites ecosystem of hardware and software products allows performing an unrivalled variety of procedures,
    such as key programming, module adaptation, ECU programming, fast coding.

    Thus, the Abrites Vehicle Diagnostic Interface provides unmatched opportunities for automotive professionals
    all over the world. The AVDI is the basis on which all Abrites products thrive. It is the ultimate tool
    for standard and advanced vehicle diagnostics, covering all major automotive brands globally.

    Abrites Mission

    Create solutions that enable people, vehicles and technology to keep moving on.

    Abrites Vision

    A product leader that overcomes technological barriers and creates innovative solutions by
    achieving the impossible.


    Abrites is a high-functioning living, breathing organism.
    It is all of us: our clients, our partners, our services, our many departments, forming the company team. We know that
    constant learning and knowledge exchange is the true path to success, so we make sure to provide information on many
    different levels inside and outside of our business structure.

    One of Abrites most important principles is to provide expert help and assistance to our partners and customers from the
    very first encounter with our product ecosystem.


    The Abrites team takes pride in innovation. Ever since 2005, Abrites has proven to be the benchmark for innovation
    in the automotive diagnostic world.

    Abrites is the multi-brand solution for most vehicle brands produced worldwide.

    Abrites are pioneers in the world of automotive aftermarket, often equalling and even surpassing the OEM tools with
    quality far beyond the common non-OEM tools.

    There is no alternative to the AVDI when it comes to brand coverage and innovation. We are proven leaders when
    it comes to European vehicle brands in diagnostics, key learning and ECU programming, especially regarding
    German and French ones. As far as Japanese brands are concerned, the Abrites solutions cover even the latest generations
    by the Far-eastern automotive giants.

    The truth is these characteristics and functionalities are simply the tip of the iceberg. Abrites is known for its innovative
    and flexible solutions, never-ending passion for excellence and, of course, achieving the impossible.

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