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    Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO + Autel G-Box 2 + Autel APB112 +Autel  A8 Cable MKON279
    Autel MaxiIM IM508 Key Programming Service Tool Device MK7515
    Xhorse Key Cutting & Programming Bundle MKON281

    Xhorse Key Cutting & Programming Bundle

    In Stock
    $4,190.00 €4,315.70
    MAGIC FLK02 FLEX Full HW Kit for New Users Basic Device MK7930

    MAGIC FLK02 FLEX Full HW Kit for New Users Basic Device

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    KEYDIY KD-MAX - Key Tool & Remote Generator MK9000

    KEYDIY KD-MAX - Key Tool & Remote Generator

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    $349.00 €359.47
    Lonsdor K518TUR K518 TUR Key Programmer Turkish Version & LKE Smart Key Emulator 5 in 1 MKON268
    Autel Otofix IM1 Key Programming Tool Device MK7517
    Magic Full Flex software package Slave FLS0.5S & Full HW kit MKON274

    Magic Full Flex software package Slave FLS0.5S & Full HW kit

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    Xtool X100D Car Key Programmer Device MK6977

    Key Programming Tools

    Universal Car Key Programming Tool

    Today’s key technologies depends on programmable key systems.

    The key works by transmitting a code to a receiver in your car that will unlock the doors on receipt of the correct code.

    In order for the whole system to work in harmony, The transmitter (key) and receiver (car) must be synchronized.

    Programming Car Keys

    Different manufacturers have different systems for programming keys. Some require proprietary software that we have access to.

    On the other hand, a qualified LOCKSMITH is required to do the programming process.

    Programming Tools


    With the KeyDIY system, one single remote is often made into multiple different part numbers, ensuring you usually have the right stock to hand!


    The first "all in one" programming tool for diagnosis for auto locksmith professional.
    With a huge range of specific software and purchase options.

    Key Programming Techniques       

    Cloning & Eeprom

    Fast Copy Plus

    A cloning tool for reading and copying in stand-alone mode is a good sort of transponder.

    Handy Baby

    The original Handy Baby Key Programmer for 4C, 4D, 46 & 48 transponder chips.
    Simple to use car key cloner covering up to 80% of vehicles.

    BMW EWS Tools

    Packages that allow you to EEPROM BMW EWS3 and EWS4 vehicles to make a key that starts the car.

    Codex Lite

    Programmer and PC software enables users to read the EEPROM file from the ECU or immobilizer system and reserve it to the PC.

    Eeprom Tools

    A selection of tools is important for performing on EEPROMs.

    Eeprom Accessories

    A range of accessories and consumables is important for all of your reprobing work.

    Pincode Reading

    Pincodes and Key Codes

    Our Code Service offers vehicle pin codes, key codes, radio codes, EKA codes, and more.

    Peugeot & Citroen Pincode Wizard

    A simple and easy-to-use device ready to extract the Pincode from a variety of Peugeot and Citroen vehicles.

    Code Wizard Pro 2

    Has the power to get immobilizer codes, mechanical key codes, and dealer tool security codes.
    An ideal product for key programmers and diagnostic technicians.

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