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BMW FEM-BDC 8 Pin Puncture Socket Adapter for 95128/95256 SOIC8 to Read and Write Anti-theft Data

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$14.99 (approx. EUR €12.89)
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Product Specifications
Condition New

New BMW FEM-BDC 95128/95256 Chip Free Data Reading 8Pin Adapter

Yanhua genuine solderless puncture socket supports all standard 8-pin IC (FEM/BDC 8-pin chip) reading and writing data, with simple installation and non-damage operation.
Assorted with high-quality 8pin cable and adapter board, compatible with other programmers. 
No soldering, no risk!
Keep away from soldering,be healthy everyday!

Read and Write Anti-theft Data
Convenient and Safe
Stable without losing Data
Anti-theft 95128/95256 Meter 35080/35160

What is difference of this adapter and another OEM BMW FEM 95128/95256 Chip Adapter?
Their function is the same,but outlook connect on VVDI Prog part is different.
How to connect VVDI Prog with BMW FEM-BDC 95128/95256 Chip Anti-theft Data Reading Adapter?
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