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Land Rover KVM Adapter for VVDI Prog without Soldering

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$40.00 (approx. EUR €35.60)
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Product Code: MK9490 Manufacturer: Xhorse Categories: Additional Adapter In Stock
Product Specifications
Condition New

This is the special Clip Adapter for Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer to Read Land Rover KVM data without Soldering. 

Land Rover most after 2015 year car models need to replace the new KVM module, or refresh the data. But read or write data process may cause problems as the wiring. VVDIProg will help you solve the problem, and now has one Special Clip Adapter for VVDI-Prog to Read Land Rover KVM NO Need Soldering.

It supports Land Rover after 2018 year.
Choose the type MCU SPC56xxxxxx from VVDI Prog software

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