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SBB Pro2 Key Programmer V48.99 Support Cars up to 2017.12

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Product Specifications
Color Blue
Condition New

SBB PRO2 Functions:
1. Programming new keys
2. Reading keys from immobilizer's memory /pin code
3. Reactivating keys no longer in the car owner's possession
4. Operation by means of a menu guided programming
5. SBB PRO2 Key Programming new remote controls.
6. Support Pin code service for some cars: For HYUNDAI, For KIA, For NISSAN, For VAG, For VAG 7-4
7. Language: English, Italiano, Deutsch, Francais, Espaniol, Portuguese, Turkish

8. Display: Backlit, 160x160 pixel blue color display
9. Power Voltage: DC 12-15V
10. External Power: 8 ~ 18 Volts via DLC
11. Operating Temperature: -20 to 50 ℃
12. Humidity: <0.9
13. Size: 33 cm (L) * 22 cm (W) * 10 cm (H)

How to use SBB PRO2:
1. Before running SBB key programmer, please insert the blank new key into your car keyhole;
2. Turn on ignition switch;
3. Insert SBB 16-pin interface into your car OBD2 diagnostic seat.
4. Follow the instructions showed on the SBB screen.
SBB key programmer copies chip according to car model, and it programs key not clones key, you only needs to insert SBB 16-pin interface into your car OBD2 diagnostic seat, then read out immobilizer pin code from immobilizer dump/EEPROM of the car before writing it into new blank key. When programming For Ford vehicle, it does not need pin code.

Package Included:

1 X SBB PRO2 Main Unit
1 X OBD II Cable
1 X RS232 Cable for Firmware Update
1 X For Power Lighter Cable
1 X SBB Pro2 Key Programmer User Manual and Update Software with CD


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