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Xhorse W204 W212 W164 W210 New Gateway Adapter work with VVDI MB for Quick Data Acquisition and Password Calculation

Product Code: MK9453 Manufacturer: Xhorse Categories: Additional Adapter In Stock
Product Specs
Manufacturer Xhorse
Color Black
Condition New
Weight 55 g
$130.00 €118.30
More than 10 available
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Feature of VVDI MB Tool Power adapter:

Including all functions of item number SO392: W164 Gateway adapter

1.VVDI MB Tool Power adapter working on FBS3 type all key lost and gateway emulation, support C class, E class, CL,CLK,ML,GL,GLK types etc...

2.VVDI MB Tool power adapter only need 18 minutes to data acquisition for W204, W207 all key lost;
without this adapter will cost 150 minutes for data acquisition, save much time nearly 2 hours(150 minutes > 18 minutes)

3. VVDI MB Tool power adapter for W216,W164 2009- all key lost data acquisition, no need to replug IR adapter many times, without this adapter need to replug IR adapter 500 a great deal of manpower (500 times >replug 0)

4. VVDI MB Tool power adapter support gateway emulation function,
without real gateway you can use this adapter directly OBD cumminication with W164,W164 2009-,W209,W211 (require special connection cables)

5. VVDI MB Tool power adpater will keep updating more functions.

How to connect & use VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter:

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