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Xtool Anyscan A30 Diagnostic Kit MK6999
Xtool Anyscan A30 Diagnostic Kit
Xtool Anyscan A30 Diagnostic Kit
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IN STOCK - Xtool Anyscan A30 Car OBDII Code Reader EPB Oil Reset Scanner, car programming tool, locksmith tools | Emirates Keys -| thumbnail
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Xtool Anyscan A30 Diagnostic Kit

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Product Code: MK6999
Categories Key Programming Tools
Manufacturer X-tool
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Xtool
Condition New

Xtool Anyscan A30 Full System Car Diagnostic Tools OBD2 Code Reader Scanner EPB Oil Reset All Free Car Software Free

Anyscan May Be A Complete System Diagnostic Kit And Is Carried In Your Pocket And Works With Mobile Phones And Tablets. Both Ios And Android Platforms Are Supported.
Full Brands And Systems Are Covered. What's More, It's Many Special Functions Like Service Light Reset, DPF Regeneration, And EPB Reset.

Xtool Anyscan A30 Full System Car Diagnostic Tools

Diafnostic Software Compatible with Android / IOS System

Xtool Anyscan A30 Features

1. Ability To Quickly Read And Clear Codes Altogether Modules For European, Asian, And Domestic Vehicles 1996 Available
2. One Button Auto Scan Reads Codes Altogether Modules And Displays Them On The Phone
3. Quick Erase Feature, All Codes At The Push Of A Button Ensures The Cleanliness
4 Live Data Graphing For The ECU
5. A Tool To Try To To It All. Reads And Clears Trouble Codes On Engine, Transmission, Airbag, And Abs Faults
6. Global OBD Ii Coverage (Us, Asia, And Europe)
7. Turns Off Engine, Transmission, Abs, And Airbag Warning Lights For Many Us Domestic, Asian, And European Vehicles
8. Supports All 10 Test Modes Of The Newest J1979 OBD Ii Test Features, Including Reading Codes, Erase Codes, Live Data, Freeze Frame, I/m Readiness, O2 Monitor Test, On-board Monitor Test, Component Test, And Vehicle Information
9. Enhanced OBD Ii Mode 6
10. OBD Ii Code Tips Guide Technicians To The Basis Explanation For Trouble Codes Faster
11. Data Graph
12. View Freeze Frame Data
13. Usb Cable Included For Product Updates
14. Free Software Updates And Upgrades Included
15. One (1) Year Warranty

Engine , Geabox, ABS and Airbag Diagnostics

 English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian

Flashlight Mode Light Button

Anyscan A30 Free Software Updates And Upgrades Included

Special OBD Extensin Cable

1. EPB Reset: Important In Maintaining The Security And Efficiency Of The Electronic Brakes .
2. Throttle Reset: The Throttle Body May Be A Tube With A Rotary Flat Valve (Butterfly) Wont To Control The Quantity Of Air Entering An Engine.
During A Car With Electronic Fuel Injection System , The Throttle Position Sensor And Airflow Sensor Communicate With The PC Providing The Corresponding Amount Of Fuel Required Within The Injectors.
After Cleaning Or Repairing, The Gas Sensor Must
3. DPF Service: Apply Multiple Functions To The Diesel Particulate Filter System.
After The Vehicle Has Replaced The Engine Regeneration, It'll Manage The Component Replacement Teach-in Of The DPF And Therefore The Teach-in Of The DPF. Control Unit.
4. Steering Angle Sensor (Sas) Service: The Steering Angle Sensor Calibrates For The Steering Angle Sensor (Sas)
Which Permanently Stores The Present Steering Position Because The Flat Front Position Within The Eeprom.
Upon Successful Completion Of The Calibration, The Steering Angle Sensor Fault Memory Is Automatically Cleared.
5. Read Codes: Show An In Depth Description Of Diagnostic Trouble Code (Dtc)
6. Clear Codes And Reset: Close Up Check Engine Light (Mil), Clear Codes, And Reset Monitors.
And More .....

Audi, For Skoda, For Eurford, For Opel, For Bugatti Benztransp, For Lamborghini,
For Bentley, For A Seat, For Mini, For Roller, For Bmw, For Smart, For Vauxhall,
For Jaguar, For Porsche, For Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, For Maybach,
For Landrover, For Benz, For Dacia, For Citroen, For Ren, For Volvo, For Peugeot, For VW
Gmc, For Cadillac, For Chevrolet, For Buick, For Pontiac, For Saturn,
For Hummer, For Dodge, For Usa Ford, For Chrysler, For Gm
Saic-mg, For Nice Wall, For Byd
For Kia, For Infiniti, For Daihatsu, For Isuzu, For Ssangyong, For Suzuki,
For Hyundai, For Mazda, For Acura, For Honda, For Subaru, For Lexus, For Nissan,
For Scion, For Toyota, For Mitsubishi
Ausford, For Holden

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