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Yanhua ACDP BMW X5/X7 Bench Interface Board for BMW N47/N57 Diesel DME ISN Read/Write and Clone

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$59.00 (approx. EUR €50.74)
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Product Code: MK9849 Manufacturer: YanhuaACDP Categories: Additional Adapter, Accessories In Stock
Product Specifications
Manufacturer YanhuaACDP
Condition New

This item including free license for BMW N47/N57 Diesel DME ISN Read/Write

1: Support BMW E chassis N47(EDC17C06)diesel DME ISN read/write and clone.
2: Support BMW E chassis N57(EDC17CP09), F chassis N57(EDC17CP09)diesel DME ISN read/write and clone.

1: No need to open DME shell, no need to drill hole on DME, no need to plug wire.
2: The special interface board connection method replaces the traditional plugging wire method to prevent plug wire to opposite direction and wrong place, simple and efficient, plug and play, safe and reliable.

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