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XTool PS80 Diagnostics Device MK9897
XTool PS80 Diagnostics Device
XTool PS80 Diagnostics Device
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XTool PS80 Diagnostics Device

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$900.00 (€855.00)
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Product Code: MK9897
Categories Key Programming Tools, Diagnostic Tools
Manufacturer X-Tool
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Xtool
Condition New

Xtool PS80 Lite PS80 With Kc100 Professional Obd2 Automotive Full System Diagnostic Tools ECU Coding-free Update Online DPF IMMO

Why Choose XTool PS80? XTool PS80 Car Diagnostic System :

XTool PS80 A High-end And New Style Auto Diagnostic Device Developed By Xtool Supported The Android System.
The Open Source Android Os Provides Fast Boot And Multitasking.
XTool PS80 Provides Wide Vehicle Coverage For Many USA, Asia, And Europe, Making It The Simplest Solution For Workshops.

PS80 work for full systems diagnostic with multi-car models including Asian, European, American and China cars.

ABS , Engine System, SAS , TMPS , IMMO , Battery , Oil Service , SRS

XTool PS80 Diagnostics 10 Different Language

Key Programming Features:

1. Programming New Keys

2. Pin Code Reading With Eeprom

3.hexadecimal Editor (Win Hex)

4. Vehicle Number Programming

5. Reset Ecm And Reset IMMObilizer

6. New Remote Programming

7. Makes For The Foremost Important Tool With An Entire And Powerful Database

XTool PS80 Key Matching Programming

XTool PS80 Diagnostics System 12 Special Functions

One-click Update
Upgrade Notifications Are Often Sent Automatically. One-click Update Over Wifi Ensures That The Machine Always Maintains The Newest System Status.

XTool PS80 Diagnostics System One Click Upgrade

Remote Assistance
Click The 'remote' Button To Start Simple, Fast, And SECUre Control Access.
You'll Access Remote Assistance From The Xtool Technical Support Team, Colleagues, Or Friends.

PS80 Diagnostics Online Help


Operating System Android 4.4.4
CPU Quad Core, 1.6 GHz
Battery 4000mah, 7.4v
Resolution 1024*768
Memory 2GB Ram,32GB Flash
Size (L*w*h): 240*177*30mm
Display 768 Inch IPS 5-point Multi-touch Screen With 8.0×1024p Resolution
Sensors Gravity Sensor, Light Sensor

XTool PS80 Diagnostics System Parameters

XTool PS80 Diagnostics System Product parameters

Including European , American , Australian , Asian , Chinses , gasoline , new energy vehicles, 12V diesel ses ca car

XTool PS80 Diagnostics System 4 Core Processor

XTool PS80 Diagnostics System 8.0-Inch IPS Screen

America Car Models:

For Gm, For Chevrolet, For Gmc, For Ford, For Hummer, For Buck, For Pontiac, For Chrysler, For Dooge, For Cadillac, For Saturn

European Car Models:

For Landrover, For Vw, For Bentley, For Porsche, For Volvo, For Citroen, For Benz-transporter,
For Ford, For Smart, For Lamborghini, For Bugatti, For A Seat, For Mini, For Jaguar,
For Peugeot, For Vaz, For Opel, For Liaz, For Rolls-Royce, For Fiat,
For Audi, For Lancia, For Skoda, For Ren, For Lamborghini,
For Lucia, For Vw-cv, For Romeo, For Abarth, For Maybach
For Vauxhall, For Bmw, For Saab, For Gaz

Australian Car Models:

For Holden, For Ford

Asian Car Models:

For Honda, For Lexis, For Mazda, For Kia, For Toyota, For Subaru, For Hyundai,
For Daewoo, For Isuzu, For Scion, For Suzuki, For Acura, For Infiniti, For Tlisuzu, For Nissan
For Mitsubishi, For Luxgen, For Ssangyong

Chinese Car Models:

For Great Wall Motor, For Chery, For Brilliance W Car, For Shine, For Mg. For Lifan Cars
Geely Cars, Jac, Byd
For More Details XTool PS80 Lite PS80 User Manual V1

PS80 Diagnosis System Complete Set of Products

PS80 Diagnosis System Accessories

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